White Pine Logging & Threshing Show

Saturday, Sunday, & Monday of Labor Day Weekend

Take a little piece of White Pine Show home with you.

After spending the day or the weekend at White Pine Logging & Threshing Show, you will want a souvenir to remember your trip.  Purchase something special from the Flee Market or something from White Pine.  Take home a wooden shingle with White Pine branded on it, a hand made wooden barrel, a White Pine T-Shirt or baseball cap, a White Pine Button, or visit our print shop for a White Pine Newspaper.  There are many different items sold around the grounds for you to collect. 

White Pine T-Shirts and Baseball Caps

Connie "The Shirt Lady" 1994

Be sure to stop by and visit "The Shirt Lady."  T-shirts are for sale inside the dance hall. You can get your very own White Pine T-shirt or baseball hat. 

White Supplies Last.

A special thank you to Connie for all the hard work that her and her family have put in for the White Pine Show.